The Cat Show Advertising

The Cat Show by Marcy Very Much

is a half hour variety show about … cats!


Cat comedy sketches, Cat products, Cat dancing, Cat videos, Cat health tips, Cat advocacy, Cat fashion,

Cat fun!

You’ll discover the latest products for your cat and your hooman! You’ll learn the most current cat health and behavior tips! And, you might even pick up a few dance moves! So come hang out with us for some sweet silly kitty cat fun!

For sponsor or advertising enquiries please contact us via the form below –

We would love to include your cat commercial in our lineup for our next episode.

Our episodes air  on independent TV stations and networks nationwide, and can also be viewed on 

The best part? You can show your cat commercial on TV for a price lower than a digital media campaign. And, in doing so, you bypass all the frustrations of online marketing – click fraud, algorithm angst, shadow bans, fake followers, and bot overload – while scoring the credibility of being on television.

As an advertiser for this second episode of The Cat Show by Marcy Very Much, you will get a minimum of 25 AIRINGS on the following networks and stations — all for one set fee. No additional charges for views, clicks, or anything else. Here’s where your commercial will appear:

  • KVMD/KXLA Los Angeles
  • WACP Philadelphia
  • KOFY San Francisco
  • RETRO TV Network: in 49.1 million households
  • ION SHOP and ION PLUS: in 28.6 million households , including Verizon, Spectrum, Fios, AT & T, Frontier, Xfinity, and MediaCom.
  • FOLK TV: in 26 million cable homes, including Dish, Fios, Time Warner, Cox, Brighthouse, and Comcast in select markets 
  • homepage

The website also includes your own “as featured on” box on the homepage for three months. Once customers click on your box, a page opens with a description of your product and links to your website for purchases.

The above outlets are our minimum guarantee. We will add more airdates (over the 25 guaranteed) as they become available. Plus, we are working towards syndication, so this second episode will remain in our lineup and be re-aired as we accumulate episodes and TV Stations.

Why TV?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans watch more TV than all other leisure activities combined, which includes sports, reading, computer time, playing games, and socializing. And, according to 2018 Nielsen ratings, Americans watch between 1.5 to 7 hours of TV per day.

TV is still the best and easiest way to get your products seen, and it gives your brand more credibility. So why not take advantage of the $72 billion pet products industry and advertise to the 42 million American households that have cats?! 

Shoot us an email if you’d like to showcase your cat commercial in our cat show!