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ChomChom Roller is the


The whole wide world.

Paws down.

The end.

Seriously, we are not exaggerating. We tried it. We tried it again. We couldn’t put it down.

And now, every single surface and crevice at Marcy Very Much HQ is cat-hair free.

Except for the cats, of course!

ChomChom Roller at Marcy Very Much HQ


ChomChom Roller has over 10,000 rave reviews on!

You will love ChomChom Roller for its results, its ease of use, and its price. Instead of struggling with a big heavy vacuum or wasting mounds of sticky lint roller papers, you can use this lightweight device to clean up pet hair from couches, cushions, carpets, comforters, car seats, and so much more.

And we mean a deep clean.

Plus, we love the science behind this gadget.

It’s simple – you move the ChomChom Roller over your cat haired surface in short quick bursts. These small but quick movements create an electromagnetic charge that attracts the hair to the roller. Then, you simply remove the pet hair from the back of the device where it accumulates.


No wasting electricity.

No batteries needed.

No cluttering up the environment with sticky papers.

It’s reusable.

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And, for a limited time, get their super cute Cat Design ChomChom Roller!


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