Marcy Very Much started out in 2013 as blog about cats, fashion, art, and animal rescue. It has since evolved into an online magazine, shop, and TV show.

We tell humorous stories about excitable Cynthia, her moody cat, Marcy, and Marcy’s cute and plus-size little sister, Penelope Kitten.

We feature cat products, cat books, cat art, and cat rescue. All told through the disagreements and misunderstandings between a temperamental cat, her overly enthusiastic owner, and one know-it-all little sis.

Our TV show, The Cat Show by Marcy Very Much, is a fun feline variety show featuring cat comedy sketches, cat dancing, cat music, cat videos, cat fashion, and the latest and greatest in cat products – for cats and their hoomans.

Our online shop features Marcy and Penelope Kitten merchandise as well as our famous cat friendship bracelets. In addition, our “Marcy Merch” can be found in stores all over the United States (see below).

We are also regulars at CatCon Worldwide and other cat and rescue festivals around Los Angeles.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Me ’n Marcy ’n Penelope Kitten hope you hang out a while!






Penelope Kitten

In addition to our online shop, Marcy Very Much products are sold at –

Hollywood/Burbank Airport

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And, at pop-up markets and/or animal rescue events throughout Los Angeles –

And, not to mention –

Featured in Kate Benjamin’s Cat Lounge

Lastly, our little big Penelope Kitten is featured in two books –