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Love Your Pet, Change Your Planet

Join the Revolution

Made from up-cycled soft wood, Catalyst is a high performance cat litter that is super soft on kitty paw pads and super good for the environment.

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Limit one use per customer.



Did you know that the usual clay litter comes from a destructive process called strip mining?

This process hurts our earth horribly.


Catalyst is completely sustainable!

Clay litter doesn’t biodegrade naturally, so it sits in our landfills.

For like ever.

Catalyst is naturally biodegradable!

And, while the icky dust that emanates from clay litter affects our human lungs, just think what it does it your cat’s little respiratory system!


Catalyst is kind to kitty’s lungs!

So why not come clean? Literally.

Join the revolution. Switch to Catalyst.



Catalyst is cat friendly. It’s eco-friendly. It’s lightweight. It clumps well. It smells great.

Together, let’s overthrow the litter aisle! Because we love our pets. And we want to change our planet. It’s that simple.

Buy Catalyst sustainable cat litter at

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