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Photo by Cynthia Mance using the Hello Camera App

                                                          “I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.”
                                                                                     – Edgar Allen Poe  


Cynthia:  Sigh… writer’s block is no fun. There’s nothing worse than a blank screen staring you in the face and … mocking your inability to think or write a single original thoughtful thought.

Marcy (darkly):  I can think of worse things.

Cynthia: Well, yes, technically speaking, of course… there are much much much worse things.

Marcy:  Or maybe not.

Cynthia:  What do you mean?

Marcy (mysteriously):  You know what I mean.

Cynthia:  No. I don’t.

Marcy (even more mysteriously):  I think you do.

Cynthia:  What, Marcy?!

Penelope Kitten walks sadly into the room.

Marcy (forebodingly):  Penelope knows.

penelope kitten morosely shakes her head.

penelope kitten:  we’re doomed.

Cynthia:  Penelope! What?!

penelope kitten:  so doomed.

Cynthia:  You two are freaking me out! What, already?!

Marcy and Penelope Kitten lead Cynthia into the kitchen.

They stare forlornly at the empty food bowls.

Marcy:  How long have they been in this state, Penelope?

penelope kitten (despondently):  ten.

Marcy (stoically):  Ten. Ten whole minutes.

Cynthia (impatiently):  Are you kidding me?

Marcy’s and Penelope Kitten’s eyes well up with tears.

Cynthia: That’s it. You two drive me crazy. I don’t know what Edgar Allen Poe was talking about. Cats are NOT mysterious. Cats are straight up insane.

Cynthia briskly pours food into the food bowls and stomps off to resume letting a blank screen mock her inability to think or write an original thoughtful thought.

Marcy and Penelope Kitten happily munch away.


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Feline, Marcy To The Rescue

Marcy To The Rescue

Artwork by Vivien Wu for sale here

Cynthia:  Marcy and I are so thrilled to announce our very first donation to animal rescue with money we earned from affiliate links on our blog!

Marcy:  Hmpf. It was only $50.

Cynthia:  Hey! That’s fantastic! That’s what we made and it sure helped out a couple of cats.

Marcy:  Hmpf. I wanted that money to go towards my trip to Paris.

Cynthia:  Oh Marcy.  Look who we helped get out of a bad situation and into a new home!

Lily and Baxter

Cynthia:  That’s Lily and Baxter. Word got to our friend, Dylan Kendall, that they were losing their home immediately and were headed to the high kill North Central Shelter in Los Angeles. They wouldn’t stand a chance there since they weren’t kittens. And, even if they weren’t put down, the possibility of this bonded pair staying together was next to nil.

A new home was needed fast, as well as money for transportation and vaccines. Time was of the essence.

Dylan was able to get the cats before they entered the shelter but quickly discovered they were in bad shape and needed vet care too. Lily was way too skinny.

Lily is too skinny

Marcy:  Gasp! That’s terrible!

Cynthia:  And Baxter had a painful abscess that needed to be taken care of. Poor Baxter was miserable.

Baxter not feeling well

Marcy (shuddering):   I hate those cones. They should be outlawed.

Cynthia:  Our $50 along with other small donations from sweet Samaritans got them fixed up and spiffy. And being fixed up and spiffy means that a home is way easier to find.

Marcy (anxiously):  And was a home found?

Cynthia:  Yes! And with a family that will take great care of them. A wonderful family that won’t forget to feed them or let abscesses fester.

Marcy:  Yay!

Cynthia:  Shall we?

Marcy lifts her Friskies can and Cynthia raises her martini glass.

Marcy and Cynthia:  Cheers to our wonderful readers who not only don’t mind the affiliate links, they click on them to make purchases which in turn goes to save cats!

Cheers to Dylan Kendall for putting in the hard and emotional work to save Baxter and Lily!

Cheers to all the sweet Samaritans who donated a little to create a BIG difference for two cats!

Cynthia:  By the way, one of the reasons I was so frantic about Baxter and Lily was because they reminded me so much of a bonded pair that live in my home – Penelope Kitten and her best bud, Hamlet.

Penelope Kitten and Hamlet

Marcy:  Ugh. Those two.

Cynthia:  Hamlet wants to be on the blog too, you know.

Marcy:  Fine. He can be my unpaid intern. He’ll fetch me Friskies, pick up my dry cleaning, and do my social media tasks.

Cynthia:  Uh… unpaid internships are illegal in the United States of America.

Marcy:  Yeah, but not in the United States of Marcy.



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Fine Arts

Part Two of ‘Another Cats Show’ at 356 Mission in Los Angeles


Cynthia:  Hey Marcy! Quite a few of our lovely readers have asked for more pictures of ‘Another Cats Show’ at 356 Mission Art Gallery.

Marcy:  So you’re going to postpone my scathing fashion post about hair scrunchies and capitulate to the masses?

Cynthia:  Oh. I didn’t know you wrote a scathing fashion post about hair scrunchies.

Marcy:  Oh yeah. It’s epic.

Cynthia:  Oh. Okay. So in that case. Yes. I am going to capitulate to the masses and go with my cheerful post about cat art.

Marcy:  Fine. I need to add footnotes and a Table of Contents anyway. That could take another day or two.

Cynthia:  Great. So here are some more photos of the cat art at ‘Another Cats Show’.

There were over 300 works by 300 artists. Like I said previously, some of it was great, some of it was strange, and some of it was … not so good. But all in all it was a super duper fun experience. Here are some more pics.


Cat Toy Painting at ‘Another Cats Show’



Cynthia:  If you are a cat loving Los Angeleno, you have until September 14th to check out ‘Another Cats Show’ at 356 Mission in Boyle Heights! Admission is free.

Marcy:  And my hair scrunchie treatise is coming up soon.



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Fine Arts

‘Another Cats Show’ at 356 Mission in Los Angeles

Cynthia in front if a cat trap installation
(which we are interpreting as a TNR promotion)
at Another Cats Show, 356 Mission

Cynthia:  Cats are now seriously mainstream.

Marcy:  Seriously. What took you people so long? We’re awesome.

Cynthia:  Well, Marcy… everyone finally got the memo. Los Angles has another cat art show going on. Take a look!



Cynthia: It’s at 356 Mission Art Gallery in Boyle Heights. That’s in East Los Angeles.



Cynthia:  There were over 300 works by 300 artists. They ranged from cat paintings.



Cynthia:  To sculptures.


Cynthia at Another Cats Show, 356 Mission

Cynthia:  To art installations.


Cat Night Stand


the highest cat tree in the world, probably
Cynthia at Another Cats Show, 356 Mission


Cynthia: To pottery.



Cynthia:  Some of the art was great. Some of it was strange.



Cynthia:  Some of it looked like 3rd grade dried macaroni assignments.

Cynthia at Another Cats Show, 356 Mission

Cynthia: But all in all … it was fun! Super duper fun! Which was the whole point of 356 Mission doing this exhibition in the first place.

Marcy (proudly): And it was exclusively about cats.

Cynthia:  Yes!

You know, when I started our blog over a year ago, I really thought this cat obsession was going to be a fad. That eventually cat craziness would die down and we would become obsolete. But just the opposite has happened. Cat infatuation is going strong and shows no sign of stopping. Los Angeles is even getting the Feline Film Festival next month.

Marcy:  Gasp! A Cat Film Festival in Los Angeles?

Marcy races around in circles chasing her tail she is so excited.

Marcy:  I need an agent. I need a publicist.

Cynthia:  Or a therapist.




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Feline, mostly me, by penelope

Black Cat Appreciation Day

penelope kitten

Cynthia:  Hey Penelope! Come pose for a picture for Black Cat Appreciation Day.

Marcy (pouting):  I can’t believe it. Penelope kitten gets her own day?

Cynthia:  Yup.

Marcy:  We have to appreciate her all day? She’s going to be so full of herself.

Penelope Kitten very solemnly perches on the red pillow and poses very seriously for the camera.

Cynthia:  It’s okay Penelope. You can smile.

Penelope Kitten continues to look very serious.

Cynthia (taking photos):  Smile P! click click click  C’mon. Smile! click click click Why so serious, Penelope?

Penelope Kitten pulls out a crumpled piece of paper and begins her speech.

penelope kitten (clearing her throat):  ahem… ahem… ahem…

in honor of black cat appreciation day i appreciate many things. they are…

my pink paper ball
my dry crunchy treats
my big brother, tabby cat Hamlet, who is always nice to me and gives me his food
my mom, Cindy, for failing to find me a home even though she tried really hard
my dad, Freddy, for giving me belly rubs
my big sister, Marcy, for giving me advice and sharing her sunspots

Marcy:  Gasp. I never share my sunspots. You take them.

Cynthia: Ah, Marcy…

Marcy:  It’s true. And Hamlet doesn’t give her his food. She takes it from him.

penelope kitten:  and so. in conclusion. i am the luckiest kitty in the world to have such a wonderful family who loves me too.

happy black cat appreciation day.

Marcy:  Plus, she’s so stupid she got the meaning of the day backwards.

Cynthia (teary eyed):  Ah, Penelope… instead of us appreciating you – you are appreciating us! You are just the sweetest…

Cynthia rushes over to Penelope and gives her kitty smooches. Penelope Kitten gloats and purrs.

Marcy (grumbling under her breath):  She’s so manipulative. And everyone falls for it. Hmpf.

penelope kitten:  i’ll give you a kitty kiss, marcy.

Marcy:  Yuck. Keep your kitty spit away from me!

Marcy races off to the other room.

penelope kitten:  i win. #blackcatsrule.



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It’s World Cat Day


Cynthia:  Hey, Marcy! Happy World Cat Day. 
Marcy:  Merci.
Cynthia:  I bet you don’t know how to say cat in French.
Marcy rolls her eyes.
Marcy:  Chat. Chaton. Minou.
Cynthia:  How about in Bulgarian?
Marcy:  Kotka.
Cynthia:  Arabic?
Marcy:  Kitte.
Cynthia:  Vietnamese?
Marcy:  Meo.
Cynthia:  Eskimo?
Marcy:  Pussi.
Cynthia:  Egyptian?
Marcy:  M’iw. Kut.
Cynthia:  Japanese?
Marcy:  Neko.
Cynthia:  Oh and my favorite. Hawaiian?
Marcy:  Popoki.
Cynthia:  Popoki. I want to say it over and over. Popoki. I know! Let’s get another cat and name him Popoki!
Marcy:  Yeah if you want me to popoki out your eyeball.
Marcy raises her Friskies can. Cynthia raises her martini glass.
Marcy and Cynthia:  Cheers to the cats and cat lovers all over the world! 
                               Happy World Cat Day!
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From CatStuff:
Albanian   macë
Arabic     kitte
Armenian   katu
Basque   catua
Bulgarian   kotka
Cantonese Maow
Catalan   gat
Cherokee (Tsalagi)   eesa
Chinese   miu or mau  
Cree   bushi
Czech   kocka
Dutch   kat or poes
Egyptian    Hieroglyphics for the word "cat" miw
English cat
Eskimo   pussi
Esperanto   kato
Estonian   kass or kiisu
Ethiopian domadh
Farsi   gorbe
Filipino   cat or pusa
Finnish   kissa
French   chat
Fula (New Guinea)   gnari
Gaelic   pishyakan / Piscín, cait
German   katti, katze or ket
Greek    gata, gati
Gujarati (India)   biladi
Gypsy   muca
Hawaiian   popoki
Hebrew   cha’tool
Hindi   billi
Hungarian   cica/macska
Icelandic   kottur
Indian biladi gujarati
Indonesian kuching, kutjing
Irish cat
Italian   gatto
Japanese   neko
Kannada (Indian)   bekku
Kmer   chma
Latin   cattus or felis
Lithuanian   katinas
Malayalam (Indian) poocha
Malay/Indonesian   kucing
Maltese qattus
Mayan   miss, miz
Netherlands   kat (male); poes (female)
New Guinea   gnari fula
Norwegian   katt
Pakistani shimii
Plains Cree Indians minoos
Polish   kot or gatto
Portuguese   gato
Pusa   cat
Romanian   pisica
Romansch giat
Russian   koshka (female); kot (male)
Sanskrit marjara
Serbo-Croatian macka
Slovak   mačka; muca
Spanish   gato
Swahili   paka
Swedish   katt
Swiss-German büsi, chatz
Tamil poonai
Tatalog (Philipino) pusa
Thai/Vietnamese   meo
Turkish kedi
Ukrainian   kitska (female); kit (male)
Vietnamese   mèo
Welsh   cath
Yiddish   kats
Zulu   Ikati

A Captivating Catwoman


Cynthia:  You know, I was never a Batman person. I fell in love with Christopher Reeve as Superman and that was all my heart had room for.

Marcy:  How selfish.

Cynthia:  Well, I was thirteen. And human teenagers have a laser focus at that age. Superman was “it”.

Marcy:  For someone who dresses as a cat on occasion, shouldn’t you be crazy for Catwoman?

Cynthia:  Strangely, no. And I never thought the actors playing her in the blockbuster movies were all that intriguing either. But this poster caught my eye and I find it very intriguing. It’s for the TV show, Gotham, which is coming out this fall. It’s a prequel of sorts to Batman. Catwoman is a teenager.

The poster strikes me as moody and thoughtful and containing immense depth. The opposite of a shallow comic book movie. I also like how it doesn’t hit you over the head that this is Catwoman. Rather than have her in the typical catsuit, her goggles suggest cat ears. And in the photo below, the buildings behind her form the cat ears.


pic here


Cynthia:  This is so cool. I can’t wait for the show.

Marcy:  Wow. Hollywood hooked you.

Cynthia:  Well, it is what they’re best at. I so hope the show lives up to its hype and that Catwoman is as intriguing as her poster suggests.

Marcy:  Catwoman would be even more intriguing if she was pictured with a certain white cat with a mysterious black eye patch.

Cynthia:  Really, now?

Marcy:  Of course. That grey cat they’ve got is obviously NOT a method actor. She probably cries if her toenail polish gets chipped. Now I, Marcy Cat, would be like Pacino or Brando and be in homicidal mode from the moment they say action until the moment they say cut. And beyond even. I’m sure I’ll win an Emmy.

Cynthia:  Or a restraining order.