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CatCon LA Is Less Than Three Months Away!


Cynthia rushes around frantically looking for her cat ears and Marcy Very Much tee.

Marcy observes while lazily giving herself a bath.

Cynthia:  Arrrrrghhhhh… Where are my cat clothes?

Cynthia dumps her entire closet onto the bedroom floor. Marcy leisurely chomps on her toenails.

Cynthia:  WHERE … ARE… THEY? Arrrrrrrghhhhh….

Marcy gracefully stretches.

Cynthia:  I know! The hall closet.

Cynthia rushes off. She comes back a few minutes later –  empty handed and completely frazzled.

Marcy (nonchalantly):  You gave your sister your tee and you’ll find the remnants of your cat ears under the refrigerator.

Cynthia:  Remnants?

Marcy:  Penelope Kitten thought they were mice. She tortured them, killed them, ate them, and then stored them under the frig for later. Isn’t that right, Penelope?

penelope kitten (popping up from under the clothes pile):  yeah yeah. they’re dead. you’re welcome.

She jumps back into the pile of clothes.

Cynthia (sighing):  I need the ears and the tee for CatCon LA in June. I’m going to cover the cat fashion and happenings like I did for the fantastically awesome LA Feline Festival. Remember?

Cynthia at the LA Feline Film Festival


Marcy (dryly):  You never let us forget.  So what is this new insanity you’re embarking on?

Cynthia:  CatCon LA is “like Comic-Con but for cat people”. 

There are going to be –

Cat celebrities like Lil Bub and the creators of Simon’s Cat, Henri Le Chat Noir, and Emily the Strange.

Cat art, innovative cat products, and cat fashion.

Cat adoptions by Best Friends Animal Society.

And, our beloved FixNation will receive proceeds from the net profits and $1 of each ticket sale.

It is going to be…EPIC!

Cynthia’s eyes bug out as she rushes out to buy another pair of cat ears and steal back her shirt from her sister.

Cynthia:  OMG! I can’t wait until June!


*Hey everybody! Join me in June at CatCon LA

June 6th and 7th at The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles.

Click here for more info and tickets.


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Fine Arts

“I Want To Draw A Cat For You” Goes Hollywood (and/or Broadway)

Steve Gadlin and Cynthia

Cynthia: One of the highlights of the Los Angeles Feline Film Festival this past September was meeting the sweet silly super Steve Gadlin of I Want To Draw A Cat For You fame.

Marcy (snickering):  Are you two related?

Cynthia (puzzled):  No.

Marcy:  Are you sure?

Cynthia:  Yes. Why?

Marcy:  Uh yeah. So did you actually look at that photo?!  You look like twins. Or did everybody at that crazy cat festival wear cat shirts, glasses, and cat ears?

Cynthia:  But Steve isn’t wearing cat ears.

Marcy (disgusted):  Sigh. Forget it. Hey! Did you get my drawing?

Cynthia:  Yes! I spent about a minute telling Steve about you and then in about 2 minutes he drew this –


Cat drawing by Steve Gadlin of I Want To Draw A Cat For You

Cynthia:  A Marcy fashion cat. Complete with black eye patch and purse. Whoopy!

Marcy purrs.

Cynthia:  Steve was one of the most successful contestants on Shark Tank last year. He convinced Mark Cuban to give him $25,000 to expand his already successful cat drawing business. And this year he started filming Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers, a Chicago based talent show.

Steve Gadlin is one of those entrepreneurs you really root for. He’s kind, quirky, enthusiastic, and just…  goes for it. I mean, not many people could make a lucrative business out of drawing stick figure cats.


by Steve Gadlin


Cynthia:  Oooohhhhh… if he’s at CatCon LA this June, I’m totally going to get a Penelope Kitten drawing too.

penelope kitten:  totes!

Marcy:  Or you could order one off of his website. Duh.

Cynthia:  Well, looks like he is taking a break from drawing cats, so we’ll sing his cat song instead.

Sing it with me kitties!

I Want To Draw A Cat For You
I Want To Draw A Cat For You
I Want To Draw A Cat For You

Cynthia and Penelope Kitten dance around and sing. 

Marcy stalks off.

Cynthia:  Where are you going, Marcy?


Marcy:  Litterbox.

Marcy secretly logs onto the computer and furtively fills out an application to be on Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers.  She hits “send”.

Marcy (triumphantly):  I’m gonna be a STAR!



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