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Feline, mostly me, by penelope

mostly me, by penelope: house panther


Marcy walks by Penelope Kitten who is perched on top of the sofa, pretending to be a dangerous jungle panther.

Marcy (disgusted):  Stop it , Penelope. You don’t scare anyone.

Penelope Kitten keeps silent as she is surveying her prey.

Marcy (annoyed):  Seriously. You’re about 2 feet long and a pile of fur.

Penelope Kitten refuses to speak. She must keep quiet so as not to scare away her possible victim – a piece of carpet fuzz.

Marcy:  Well, at least you’re not singing for three hours straight or hogging my sunspot.

Penelope Kitten stares at Marcy without blinking.

Marcy becomes uncomfortable and walks away.

One hour later, Marcy checks on Penelope Kitten who has still not moved.

Marcy:  I found a meme for you.


Marcy:  You think you look all tough but you don’t.

Penelope Kitten continues to stare unblinking at Marcy.

Marcy:  Fine. Be that way.


Feline, mostly me, by penelope

mostly me, by penelope (kitten rumble)


Penelope Kitten is practicing some boxing moves in Marcy’s sunspot.

penelope kitten:  i’m gonna get ’em. oh yeah. gonna get ’em gonna get ’em gonna get ’em.

Marcy:  Get who?

penelope kitten:  those big mean birds outside.

Marcy (bored): What did they say now?

penelope kitten:  they called me a fraidy cat. said i had a little brain.

Marcy:  So?

penelope kitten:  they should be nice. i’m practicing my moves. gonna teach ’em a lesson. pow pow pow

Marcy:  Those big mean birds are crows. They want to lure you out of the house so they can eat you.

penelope kitten:  can’t eat me.

Marcy:  Oh yeah? Why do you think they’re called a murder instead of a flock?

penelope kitten:  not worried. i’m tuff.

Penelope Kitten practices her right hook.

penelope kitten:  pow pow pow

Just then a murder of big mean crows swoop across the window, momentarily blocking out the sunlight.

Penelope Kitten panics and rushes to hide under the bed. Marcy luxuriously stretches out in the sunspot.

Marcy:  Well, there they are over on that tree, Penelope. They said they’re waiting for you. Aren’t you going to beat them up?

penelope kitten (from under the bed):  maybe tomorrow.





Feline, mostly me, by penelope

mostly me, by penelope (april fools’ day)



Penelope Kitten is noisily bopping around the house while Marcy tries to nap.

penelope kitten:  la di da da da… dee da da… hi marcy.

No response.

penelope kitten:  oh marcy.

No response.

penelope kitten:  marcy marcy marcy marcy marcy marcy marcy marcy-

Marcy:  WHAT?!!!

penelope kitten:  we’re out of friskies. and they aren’t making anymore.

Marcy:  No way, Penelope.

penelope kitten:  way.

Penelope Kitten continues to bop around. Marcy tries to go back to napping.

penelope kitten:  la di da da… no more friskies… dee da… no more friskies… da da dum dum…

Marcy (becoming concerned):  Where did you hear that?

penelope kitten:  on the news.

Marcy (alarmed):  Are you sure?

penelope kitten:  so sure. the guy with the toupee said so.

Marcy (panicking):  Does Cindy know?

penelope kitten:  yes.

Marcy (aghast):  Is that why she went to Texas?  To find Friskies?

penelope kitten:  ummm… yeah yeah. that’s right. she can’t find any.

Marcy:  OH MY GATO!

penelope kitten:  you’re doomed.

Marcy:  OH MY GATO!

Marcy races around the house in a blind rage. At one point she even madly runs in circles chasing her tail.

penelope kitten:  marcy.

Marcy continues to freak out.

penelope kitten:  oh marcy marcy marcy… marcy marcy –

Marcy:  WHAT?!

penelope kitten:  april fool.

Penelope Kitten impishly runs off to the next room.

Marcy (seething and stunned and trying to catch her breath):  Little sisters should be outlawed.