Charming Adorable Trick-or-Treaters

Cynthia:  I thought I was going to do a post today about fabulous and imaginative cat costumes for women. But, mostly all the creations I found were slutty and yawn inducing. The most inspiring, and quite frankly adorable, cat costumes I found were worn by young girls. Check them out!

(ethical discussion about posting photos of children at the end of this post)

Cynthia:  Judging from these sweet photos all one needs for a great cat costume is a tutu and tights…

Cynthia:  A T-shirt…

Child Tutu Black Cat Costume from

Cynthia: Cat ears and tail…

Photo from

Cynthia:  And some simple whiskers applied with black eyeliner…

Cynthia:  Purrfect. What do you say, Marcy?

Marcy:  We’ll call them cat ladies in training.

Cynthia:  Oh, someone already thought of that.



Marcy:  So the insanity goes on and on from generation to generation.

Cynthia (happily):  Oh yes. It’s in permanently in our DNA make-up.


*I thought for a while about posting these photos of children. On the one hand, it seemed wrong since they had no control over whether their image was plastered all over the internet. That was their parents’ decision, not theirs. But then, some of these were professionally done and some are advertisements. And then, they are already plastered all over the internet. I found them all on Pinterest. Since the pictures are all darling and age appropriate, I figured it was okay. 

*If any parent of these kids objects, please contact me so I can take their pic down immediately. And I suggest too that you remove it from Pinterest. Or, let me know if you want the photo credited to you or your photographer. 


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  • Reply GnomeLover November 2, 2013 at 6:55 am

    That first photo is adorable! I love those different shades of grey. It would make a great adult costume, too. Or an outfit inspiration. I love it!

    I hate the naughty adult costumes. Why? Why? Why?

    I think your photos are cute. That reminds me I need to go on Pinterest more!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Reply MarcyVeryMuch November 2, 2013 at 9:26 pm

      Marcy: Jenni – Cindy has lost her mind. That first photo is of a mouse. Not a cat.
      Cynthia: It's a cat. I'm sure.
      Marcy: It's a MOUSE. I know a mouse when I see one. Jenni, please come save me.

      xo and meow

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