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World Domination: One Cat Mural At A Time

Cynthia walks in to discover Marcy at the computer.

Cynthia:  Whatcha doin’ Marcy Kitty Cat Cat Cat? Trying to short circuit my computer with your hairballs? Sending out sarcastic emails to vegans? Plotting world domination?

Marcy:  Plotting World Domination.

Cynthia (startled):  Oh. Okay. (long pause)  You know, I was joking.

Marcy:  I’m not. I’m almost there.

Cynthia:  Really?!

Marcy:  Really. We cats have covered the entire globe, hypnotizing you unsuspecting humans into doing our bidding. With the internet we are now able to coordinate better and measure our rate of success. The results are astounding. We are much further along than any of us ktties had anticipated. Or could even believe to be possible! We have literally covered the globe with our wall murals. Each contains a message of our progress. Some are obvious while others not so much so.For example, take a look at this wall mural. It’s from Valencia, Spain.


Street Art by La Nena Wapa Wapa

Marcy: This next one is from Lebanon.

Cat mural in Lebanon

Marcy: This colorful one is from Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.


“Cat Procession”  by ASA (Artists For Stray Animals)

Marcy: This next one is from Busan, South Korea.

Cat Mural on a House in Busan, South Korea

Marcy:  Here is another one from Span. Tarrragona, Spain.

Cat Graffiti Art in Tarragona, Spain

Marcy:  The kitty with the crown is in New York City.

From Rooftop Legends 6th Anniversary

Marcy:  And this one is from Valparaiso, Chile.

Cat on Door from Valparaiso, Chile

Marcy:  I could go on and on but why bother?  You get my point.

Cynthia:  Wow! The whole world is… gonzo for gatos!
Marcy:  Yup. We OWN you.
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