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Feline, mostly me, by penelope

mostly me, by penelope: cuddle college bound

Black Cat With Suitcase

Penelope Kitten is sitting by the front door.

Her suitcase is packed.

penelope kitten (squeaking):  bye bye.

Cynthia (surprised):  What?! Where are you going?

penelope kitten:  nursing school.

Cynthia:  Nursing school? Why are you going to nursing school?

Marcy (disgusted):  She saw that Bored Panda post about the black cat who nurses sick pets back to health by cuddling with them and now she wants to be a Nurse Cat too. She’s such a do-gooder.

Nurse Cat from Poland
Nurse Cat


penelope kitten:  better to be a do-gooder than a no-gooder.

Marcy (scoffing):  Whatever.

penelpe kitten:  cuddles are needed. gotta go.

Cynthia:  Ah… but we’ll miss you. Hey! Maybe you could stick around for when one of us here gets sick?  I’m sure Marcy would love to be cuddled by a Nurse Cat when she catches a cold.

Marcy:  Yuck! I don’t want Penelope purring all over me. Besides, she’s so dumb, she’ll never pass her classes.

penelope kitten:  you’re mean. i’m going to cuddle you til you’re nice.

Penelope Kitten launches herself into the air and onto Marcy’s head, pinning her down in a massive kitty cuddle.  

Marcy’s swears and curses are muffled by Penelope Kitten’s purrs.

Cynthia:  Looks like you don’t need school. You’re a natural.

penelope kitten:  this’ll take a while.

Cynthia:  So I should unpack your bags?

penelope kitten:  yeah yeah.

Marcy continues to hiss and swear as Penelope Kitten showers her with cuddles and purrs.


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