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Marcy’s Pet Peeve (Round One)


Marcy marches in to the office where Cynthia is busily typing away on the computer.

Marcy (ominously):  I have a pet.

Cynthia (absently):  That’s nice. Is it a moth or a bug or something?

Cynthia turns around real quick.

Cynthia (alarmed):  It’s not a mouse or a bird is it?

Marcy:  No. It’s a pet peeve.

Cynthia:  You’re a pet peeve.

Cynthia laughs uproariously at her own joke. Marcy is not amused and swishes her tail back and forth.

Cynthia:  Sorry. What’s your pet peeve?

Marcy:  Retailers selling real fur that they’ve labelled faux fur.

Cynthia (sighing):  It happened again?

Marcy: Yes. This time it’s Kohl’s. For the second time this year! This week they were selling raccoon dog fur on a parka.

Kohl’s parka with raccoon dog fur
labelled as “faux fur”

Marcy:  And earlier this year it was rabbit fur on a purse. And before that it was Urban Outfitters, Century 21 Department Stores, and even Neiman Marcus. 

What gives, Cindy?  What. Gives?!

Cynthia:  I don’t know. Carelessness?

Marcy:  Heartlessness is more like it. And greed. And … and … and… INHUMANITY. Why would they try to trick people who want fake fur into buying real fur?

Cynthia:  I don’t know, Marcy. But it’s in violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act to label real fur as faux fur. From what I understand, raccoon dog fur is used quite frequently as a substitute for faux fur, It’s unconscionable. Not to mention underhanded. And plain mean.

Marcy (seething):  I’m so mad.

Cynthia:  So do something about it!  Click here for a link from the Humane Society of the United States asking Kohl’s to adopt a fur-free policy.

Marcy:  I’ll do it. And then I’m going to find those lying executives and cruel fur farm owners and [bleepity bleep] them and {bleep bleep bleep}.

Cynthia:  My sentiments exactly.


*If you’re worried that your faux fur may in fact be real, click here for quick handy dandy tips to figure it out.