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Marcy’s Nine Likes

Fun, Marcy's Nine Likes

Marcy’s Nine Likes | cinq

Art by Rita Lee

1.  My favorite coffeeof all time. (it’s got real coconut in it!)

2.  Thinking about getting bangs? Racked NY came up with these cheeky and soul-searching questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge.

3.  This smiley face ring makes me smile!

4.  Happy and heartwarming. Here’s a video of a Kris Kelly Foundation dog rescue mission.

5.  Freaking funny and/or fantastic replies from childfree celebrities when asked why they aren’t having babies.

6.  And while we’re on the subject, check out this fascinating article on the science behind why many of us women are opting out of motherhood.

7.  OMG! (oh my gato) A cute cat top just arrived at Anthropologie!

8.  Here’s a handy dandy guide to tipping etiquette at the salon.

9.  Fierce flats. Faintly feline. Ferociously fab.

xo and meow,
marcy + cynthia


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