Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by!

I am a cat fanatic and volunteer cat rescuer living in Los Angeles (also an actor — more info on that part of my life at CynthiaMance.com).

My husband and I adopted Marcy from the Austin Humane Society when we were living in Texas. We needed a friend for our other cat, Scooter, since the guilt trips he gave us as we left for work in the morning became too much to bear. Quitting our jobs and moving into a trailer in my mom’s backyard started to seem like a good solution. Yes. We needed to act fast.

Marcy is little, but she quickly became Top Cat in the household. And then she became quite the character. Or, according to friends and family, I started to become insane. Whichever.

The idea for Marcy Very Much was borne out of my love for cats (and fashion! and artsy stuff!) and a hope that I could turn it into something (not sure exactly what at the moment) to help raise money and awareness for the animal organizations I work with and/or admire.

Which brings us to my official disclaimer. I will be putting affiliate links and other means of revenue on my blog. What I will not do is promote something I don’t believe in just for money.

So please join me and my cat, Marcy, and see where we go!